Stupid Cupid Steampunk Ball IV

Stupid Cupid Steampunk Ball is an annual happening that is part of the events produced by Oddball Newt. It is located in Manchester Connecticut and usually at Cheney Hall.

The very first Stupid Cupid was held in the Wauregan Ballroom in Norwich Connecticut, it was co organized by my group and Jill Fritzche of the First Friday community group. It was held on the first Friday in Feb and – while it was beautiful weather up until that day and beautiful weather after that day – it blizzard’d on that day. And yet despite white out conditions, snow, slush, poorly plowed streets and ice still lots of people came and it was a great event.

The second Stupid Cupid almost didn’t happen, it wasn’t even planned for at all but folks kept asking if there was going to be another. I reached out to the First Friday group and they already had events planned for the season. Then I heard about this group in Hartford offering free space, so I investigated it. It was on the 17th floor, two electrical sockets, a ceiling with exposed wiring and a floor that looked like the carpeting had just been ripped up. And then there was not any good parking. I almost gave up on the dream of a follow up Stupid Cupid. Then a met a guy who knew a guy who had a banquet facility in Storrs who was looking to put on events there and I reached out. And this place had everything, convenient parking, a bar and Chef, a state of the art sound system and a screen that descended from the ceiling. So I held it at the Deanstone House. It was beautiful weather and lots and lots of people came.

With the third Stupid Cupid I began planning almost immediately right after and I made sure I secured Cheney Hall in Manchester. I was very organized with my fundraising and it practically paid for itself. I promoted the bands on the radio and on tv. And it was a success. Was there some issues? There is always issues but those issues made me re-evaluate who I hire and who I needed to be part of Oddball Newt.

This fourth Stupid Cupid, to be held on Feb 23rd, has already gained much attention. I feel confident about it and I have a great team. Please check out the link for the facebook event page for Stupid Cupid IV:


The 12 Months of Steampunk

The 12 Months of Steampunk is the most ambitious undertaking and endeavor the crew of Oddball Newt has committed themselves to doing, for the sake of the Connecticut Steampunk scene. What is it do you ask? It will be a unique and potentially annual event for each month of the year. Every month a Steampunk event in Connecticut!

Some will be smaller like the Victorian Skate we have planned in January 2019, some will be grander like the 4th Stupid Cupid Steampunk Ball on Feb 23rd in Manchester Connecticut. Others will be medium sized like the second Music Murder Mystery at the Mansion in May. Some will be private affairs like the 4th Dreaming of a Spark? Steampunking in the Park photoshoot. And still others will be wonderful surprises. Steam Rollin 3 will be in September. And then we have a number of first time events like the Victorian Skate, the Fae Steam Festival, Creepy Cabaret and what certainly should be a truly amazing event the Book Fiend Reader Fest in November. There might be events that involve a circus, hot air balloons, an early Halloween and a fancy masquerade gala. It will be a steamtastic time in Connecticut!

Please tell me what might you want to see happen, what sort of activities you’d like and if you’re eager to have 12 Months of Steampunk. Thanks!

GEAReetings intrepid Steampunk

GEAReetings intrepid Steampunk, it appears that you have found the Oddball Newt web page. Bravo, bravo, and brava, brava! Did you come here determined, in search of the latest Oddball Newt news? Did you stumble here by accident? I truly would like to know. Please let me know. And where or when do you hail from?

Please chart your next exploration to facebook and discover the wonders of the Oddball Newt page and join on the adventures of the Silk City Steampunk!


Stupid Cupid Steampunk Ball 2-5-16


This is the excerpt for your very first post.

GEAReetings intrepid retrofuturistronauts to Oddball Newt. Together, we will go on a steamtastic journey and it will be documented with hopefully clever and entertaining posts about the upcoming and reoccurring events of Oddball Newt in the very nutmeggy state of Connecticut and specifically in the City of Village Charm that is known as Manchester . We will have special guests updating us all on their music, projects and thoughts. Welcome.